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2015: The year to watch
8th January 2015
Tony Abbott to receive solar panels for Christmas
23rd December 2014
Australia is a global leader in solar development
13th December 2014
The Solar Revolution
12th December 2014
Solar panels are now more efficient than ever
10th December 2014
Disgraceful new RET proposal is economic vandalism
25th November 2014
Melbourne show goes green with solar power
18th November 2014
Hybrid Materials could smash the solar efficiency ceiling
9th October 2014
Royal Australian Mint announces commercial solar tender
8th October 2014
The sun could be the world’s largest source of electricity by 2050
29th September 2014
Proposed cuts to Renewable Energy Target completely out of touch
19th August 2014
Solar is creating jobs and slashing bills
28th July 2014
A dark day for Australia as carbon tax is repealed
7th July 2014
Clean Energy Council thank Clive Palmer
26th June 2014
The remarkable energy transition in South Australia
17th June 2014