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The world's most efficient solar energy system

Ripasso Energy has designed the world's most efficient solar energy system.

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Jul 16, 2015 • 1 min read

two 12m diameter mirrored ripasso solar energy dishes with blue sky background

Ripasso Energy has designed the world's most efficient solar energy system. One of the limitations of solar energy is the inefficiency with which it converts solar radiation to usable electricity. While solar panels have certainly improved in this area over the years, they still achieve on average about a 23% conversion rate, which can drop to about 15% usable energy once it enters the grid. This is still fairly good considering that there are no by-products or emissions (like CO2 or ash from burning coal) and not to mention minimal demands on water. But better efficiencies would be better, right? Well one company has been able to increase the efficiency of their solar collectors to produce grid ready power with a 34% conversion rate, meaning that they have developed the world’s most efficient solar electricity system.

The small Swedish company, Ripasso Energy, has designed a 12m diameter dish-like structure that concentrates the sun’s radiation by combining a zero-emission Stirling Power Converter with a parabolic mirror that tracks the sun’s movement throughout the day. Independent testing of the system has confirmed that each dish can generate the equivalent amount of electricity (75-85MW hours/year) that would normally release 81 metric tonnes of CO2 through burning coal. That is enough to power 24 typical households and massive potential saving in emissions. In addition, the system uses a small land area (2Ha/MW) and has no water demands.

Interestingly the technology used in this system is based on an idea first developed in 1816 by a Scottish engineer, combined with modern military technology. These sorts of advances demonstrate an exciting future for solar and renewable energy.


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