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Solar Battery Storage Systems

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What is a Solar Battery?

Solar batteries capture and store the excess energy generated by your solar panels throughout the day, storing it for low light conditions, or for use at your home throughout the night. Overall, residential solar batteries offer a versatile and sustainable solution for homeowners looking to optimise their solar energy systems and enhance their energy resilience.

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Benefits of Solar Batteries

  1. Backup Power: In the event of blackouts or emergencies, solar batteries can provide a reliable backup power source, ensuring electricity supply for essential appliances and devices. Become the envy of everybody on your street during a blackout!
  2. Energy Independence: By storing solar energy, homeowners reduce their reliance on the grid, enhancing energy autonomy and reducing utility bills over time.
  3. Peak Load Management: Solar batteries enable homeowners to manage their energy consumption more efficiently, reducing peak electricity demand and potentially lowering overall energy costs.
  4. Environmental Impact: Having solar batteries promotes the use of renewable energy, contributing to lower carbon emissions and environmental sustainability. Particularly for owners of electric vehicles.

    Batteries full of sunshine are no longer a pipe dream. You can capture and store the sun's abundant energy at your home today!

Are solar batteries worth it?

Australia is undergoing a seismic shift in its energy landscape, driven by the highest solar penetration rate of any country on earth. This transition is reshaping the dynamics of energy distribution, meaning that there's never been a better moment to participate, especially considering the availability of government rebates aimed at lowering upfront costs. Depending on your choice of solar battery, you could potentially become part of a virtual power plant (VPP). VPP's group together hundreds or thousands of solar battery owners allowing the operator to actively engage in trading energy, and passing rewards onto participants.

Are Battery Rebates Available?

At present, several states across Australia offer financial incentives for battery storage systems!

Queensland (QLD)

Battery Booster Program - details of the Queensland Government's solar battery incentive are still being finalised. You can rest assured they will be published here as soon as they are available. Homeowners with a combined household income of under $180,000 will be eligible for this rebate.

Victoria (VIC)

Solar Battery Loans - households will have access to 4500 interest-free loans of up to $8800 to install a solar battery during 2023-2024. Combined household income needs to be less than $210,000 to qualify for the loan.

Other states and territories

New South Wales (NSW), South Australia (SA), Tasmania (TAS), the Northern Territory (NT), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), and Western Australia (WA) have no current additional state-level rebates or grants for solar power. Homeowners in these states do still qualify for the Federal Government incentive!

Interested in reading more about Federal & State level solar rebates & incentives? Keep an eye on Your Solar Quote's regularly updated information via solar rebates. Don't miss out on your obligation free quotes, and discover exceptional solar deals tailored to your location by visiting our online quote page.

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