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  • Industry leading Solar Affiliate App (with real time tracking)
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Australia's #1 Solar Affiliate Program

We've re-imagined how great affiliate programs can be.

Our marketing experts created the highest converting funnels in the solar industry.
Then our software engineers built the industry leading solar affiliate app.

Solar Affiliate App

Our self-service app will give you real time visibility of the customers you refer, and payout details right from the the palm of your hand!

Amazing Conversion Funnels

You'll have access to the same conversion rate optimised funnels and marketing assets that have made us #1 since 2014.

Automated Monthly Payments

We've built an automated payment system so you don't have to worry about a thing. Just sit back, relax and watch the payments roll in!

Why we created Australia's leading solar affiliate program.

Our mission is sustainability, and we are looking for lead generation partners to join our solar affiliate program to help achieve our mission of reducing Australia’s dependence on fossil fuels. Climate change is a huge problem that can't be solved alone! When people work together towards a common goal, great things happen. If you'd like to make a positive change to our planet’s future while monetising your website, read on - you're in the right place!

How our affiliate program works

We empower our affiliate partners with creative assets, customer funnels, and links to high-converting landing pages to monetise their websites. When you join our affiliate program, you will be assigned a dedicated affiliate manager to ensure you have everything you need to refer customers to Your Solar Quotes successfully. If you require something specific, you can rest assured our team of designers and software engineers has you covered.

Who can join our affiliate program?

Website owners (and blogs related to home improvements, energy, sustainability, environment, climate change), digital advertising agencies, and online advertising gurus looking to make reliable, feel-good commission payments every month for referring traffic to Your Solar Quotes are all eligible to join our affiliate program.

Why Your Solar Quotes affiliate program?

Over the past six years, Your Solar Quotes have built relationships with 341 of the most trusted solar installers nationwide (based on previous customer feedback). We have become the go-to resource for homeowners looking to compare obligation free, apples-for-apples quotes on solar. All of this means that the customers you refer to us are in safe hands, and we'll maximise the commissions from your traffic.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

When you join our program, you'll be assigned a dedicated affiliate manager with years of online marketing experience. It doesn't matter if you're referring ten customers per month or hundreds; expert advice on how to maximise your solar affiliate commissions is only a quick phone call away!

You’ll love our live lead tracking.

We have used our deep understanding of creating beautiful software to build the industry-leading Solar Affiliate App. Our self-service app will give you real time visibility of the customers you refer to us, access to marketing assets and customer funnels (the same ones we use so you can rest assured they are converting spectacularly) and of course payment details & EOM reporting. Best of all, the app is available on mobile - so if you’d like to make updates on the fly, or change where you’d like to get paid, we’re right there in your back pocket.

High-converting marketing assets

We've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars perfecting our marketing assets and conversion funnels since 2014. Joining our solar affiliate program gives you instant access to all of the resources you'll need to maximise your monthly commission payments. If you need something specific, we’ll do our best to provide you with exactly what you're looking for!

Best of all, our program is CPL not CPA

There's nothing worse than sending traffic to an affiliate program, then waiting months to find out if the leads you've referred have converted to sales. For this reason, we make fast, automated commission payments on the 8th of each month for every single lead you refer to us during the previous month.

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