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Ratch Australia Solar Power Project

Ratch Australia's $100 million solar power plant to begin construction in Collinsville within 12 months.

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Jul 9, 2015 • 1 min read

solar panels set up at ratch australia solar farm all the way into horizon

Ratch Australia's $100 million solar power plant to begin construction in Collinsville within 12 months. An independent power producer in Queensland, Ratch Australia has indicated that it will begin the construction of a $100 million proposed solar power project in Collinsville by 2016, after the RET was passed by the Government.

It has promised to provide about 80 jobs in the construction stage and two to three once in operation. Anil Nangia, Ratch General Manger of Business Management, stated that the recent stalemate of the Renewable Energy Target by the Government brought the project to a standstill. He however stated that the recent deal on a new Renewable Energy Target indicates that the construction would continue. "The other good thing about renewable energy is it produces jobs and investment in regional Australia," Anil stated.

"The key aspect of this resolution is it was bipartisan support, with no additional reviews until 2020. We believe there's real certainty in this target and it will stay in place and we think it will be there for the long run, if not increased."

He said it was disappointing when the government expressed no interest in the future of renewable energy. "It's terrible when they talk like that, renewables are the way of the future," he stated. "They basically are going to produce the low-cost power in the long-term and they produce power with no emissions, no side effects, it's really sad when they talk ... down the potential of renewable energy in Australia."


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