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Business As Usual COVID-19 Solar Update

Author: Stuart
Last Updated 21st April 2020
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Business as usual - solar during COVID-19

It's business as usual for solar during COVID-19 with record numbers of home and business owners seeking to save money and increase their energy security. The record numbers of homeowners becoming self-sufficient are driving very healthy levels of growth to Australia’s rooftop solar market! Here are the key points you need to know about solar during COVID-19:

  • Solar installers are still working (with social distancing in front of mind)
  • Solar is an essential service
  • Solar provides economic security (bill savings up to 75%)
  • Solar provides energy security (via battery storage)
  • Houses with solar are saving even more during COVID-19
  • Solar finance options mean you can start saving for $0 upfront!

More time at home means huge power bills

Social isolation for most of us has meant that more family members are home during the day in our households. This increased energy usage means that the next power bill will be quite a shock! A recent study of smart meter data in the UK showed that households had increased their weekday energy consumption by up to 30% during COVID-19!!!

The Government has been signaling many more weeks and possibly months ahead of social isolating from home - meaning that it's going to be up to homeowners to find ways to reduce their energy usage and avoid financial hardship.

Solar power flattens the curve on energy costs!

Solar is saving you money from the moment the panels are installed on your roof and connected to the network! The solar system does this by offsetting your household energy usage during the day when the system is producing energy and then feeding any excess power back into the grid! You get paid by your energy retailer for this excess power, and you're not paying for any of the solar power 'self-consumed' during the day, meaning that solar will flatten your energy usage and reduce your power bills by up to 75% for years to come!

The most common system size installed on family homes in 2020 is the 6.6kW solar system. This system allows you to maximise your solar rebate by 'overclocking' the inverter (as explained in our solar tips guide) and will provide you with at least $2000 per year in tax-free savings!!!

Install solar power and sleep well knowing that your power bills are going to be drastically reduced!

Online solar quotes are safe & accurate

During COVID-19, our network of Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited solar companies are taking social distancing measures very seriously. They are using an arsenal of tools at their fingertips to provide safe and accurate quotes without the need for sitting around your dining table discussing savings with your family.

Installers will use the information that you provide with your quote request, in conjunction with solar irradiation data and satellite mapping tools like NearMap to provide you with extremely accurate quotes from a safe distance. The quotes will include how much solar rebate you're entitled to, the return on investment you'll get from your system, and even panel layouts of how the system will look on your roof!

It's now easy to arrange your solar quotes safely from the comfort of your own home. Request quotes now to receive detailed solar quotes via email

Solar installation is being done safely

On the day of installation, our network of CEC accredited solar installers understand that people are currently hyper-aware of social distancing guidelines and they can safely complete your solar installation without the need to come inside your home.

COVID-19 is the best time to start saving money with solar on your home! Click 'Get Quotes' at the top of this page to arrange your obligation free solar quotes and secure your energy future today!

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