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Prime Minister Tony Abbott has worsened the Wind Power conflict

The Abbot Government has heightened the wind energy conflict.

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Jul 14, 2015 • 4 min read

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The Abbot Government has heightened the wind energy conflict, thereby causing a new split in cabinet and evoking a caution that he is limiting international Investment. It is could be revealed by Fairfax Media that the Federal Government has authorised the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation no to permit and New Investment in win energy projects.

The notice, dubbed green-bank with instruction to amend the investment decision banning the new wind power investment, was issued by Joe Hockey- Treasurer and Mathias Cormann- the Minister of Finance. It has come to light that the notice was provided without the consent of the Minister of Environment- Greg Hunt, making the Minister very angry.

This pronouncement is big blow for the several million-dollar wind power industry, which has recently gained grounds after the Federal Government passed the Renewable Energy Target. Analysts have indicated that about $8.7 billion is to be pumped into wind energy generation within the next five years, and the companies have up-to-date pumped about $300 million into wind power projects.

This has made many international investors speak ill about the government’s decision which is tarnishing the image of Australia. The campaign began by Joe Hockey when he informed Sydney radio shock jock Alan Jones he saw wind power generation "utterly offensive". Just last month, Tony Abbott made the debate worse, informing Jones he sees wind power "visually awful". He indicated that he has plans to limit the increasing rate of the wind power industry if the Senate would approve.

It has come to light that Mr Hunt- the Minister of Environment, not being informed about this decision is very angry. Due to this autocratic decision by Tony Abbot, there has been a split within the cabinet ministers recently, particularly between Prime Minister Abbott and six cabinet members concerning citizenship legislations. A similar split occurred this week after Joe Hunt authorised the Shenhua Mine in New South Wales, making Barnaby Joyce, Minister of Agriculture angry.

Joe Hunts Spokesperson stated, "The focus on solar which was agreed with the cross-benchers has been included. Any additional elements of the mandate are a matter for the responsible minister." The clean energy committee are planning to reply to the decision. The Federal Government is mandated to wait for the feedback before making the directive imperative.

The main international renewable energy industry informed Fairfax Media that the directive would make people perceive that Australia is not a safe country for business. "This adds to the negative message being sent to international investors," a senior source at the company said. "Why would an international investor want to put their money into wind energy in Australia when you have both the prime minister and treasurer saying they're ugly, a blight on the landscape? There are a lot of other countries where they can invest."

The government has twice tried to abolish the corporation but has been blocked by the Senate. The bill to abolish the corporation is a potential double dissolution election trigger.


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