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Government reduces Renewable Energy Target (RET) by 20%
26th June 2015
Partners Group pumps $450 million into the Expansion of Ararat Windfarm in Australia
26th June 2015
Urgent message to all Ergon Energy customers
24th June 2015
Government passes a law to slash Renewable Energy Target
23rd June 2015
Solar power assisting the relief effort in Nepal; increasing usage in Australian rural areas
15th June 2015
RET debate drawing to a close as Japan surges forward with space solar
10th May 2015
Elon Musk’s Powerwall is going to revolutionise global energy storage
1st May 2015
Tree shaped wind turbines in Paris
11th April 2015
The RET standoff continues
10th April 2015
Flying Solar
13th March 2015
Australian solar developments and global technological advances
5th March 2015
Australia's Largest Solar Farm to be Built in Qld
26th February 2015
Tony Abbott Snubs International Renewable Energy Conference
29th January 2015
Renewable energy pushing forward
28th January 2015
Global Investment Boom in Renewable Energy
13th January 2015