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Japan's Kyocera Corporation to develop solar power plants on disused golf courses
30th July 2015
Tesla’s Unveiling of Solar Battery Storage
29th July 2015
Bill Shorten to officially announce 50% Renewable Energy Target by 2030 at ALP Conference
23rd July 2015
The Federal Government jeopardises renewable energy sector again
17th July 2015
The world's most efficient solar energy system
16th July 2015
Government has offered $150,000 to Adelaide businesses to install solar panels
14th July 2015
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has worsened the Wind Power conflict
14th July 2015
Origin Energy begin installing solar power system at the Royal Australian Mint
13th July 2015
Ratch Australia to proceed with a proposed Solar Power Project in Collinsville by 2016
9th July 2015
Goldwind to construct huge wind farm in Northern Sydney
8th July 2015
A future for wind in Australia?
3rd July 2015
United Nations demands a zero ban on logging and mining in Tasmania's World Heritage Region
2nd July 2015
Government reduces Renewable Energy Target (RET) by 20%
26th June 2015
Partners Group pumps $450 million into the Expansion of Ararat Windfarm in Australia
26th June 2015
Urgent message to all Ergon Energy customers
24th June 2015