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About Advanced Solar (Solar Company)

  • 31/87-91 Railway Rd N, Mulgrave, NSW, Australia, New South Wales
  • 1800848982
clean energy council accreditation

At Advanced Solar, we are more than just a name; we represent a commitment to advancing the way Australians harness the sun's energy. For nearly half a decade, our foundation has been built on the expertise and dedication rooted in over 10 years as electrical contractors. Unlike many in the industry, we're not a simple sales company. Our journey has been about selecting, testing, and offering only the best solar products to our valued customers. We proudly install REC solar panels, a testament to our dedication to quality. These panels have won numerous awards and are recognised for their outstanding production, durability, and warranties. Our philosophy is simple: We don't just sell; we stand steadfastly behind our work and the components we offer. This means that every solar solution we provide is backed by years of hands-on experience and a genuine commitment to making a positive impact. Our heart lies in supporting the local communities, especially the Hawkesbury NSW Region. But our vision extends far and wide, encompassing the entirety of Australia. Through our efforts, we aim to address the escalating cost of living, offering homeowners and businesses a reliable way to curb rising electricity costs. When you choose Advanced Solar, you're not just investing in a product. You're aligning yourself with a team that's deeply invested in ensuring you reap the maximum benefits from solar energy, today and for years to come.

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Tuesday 3rd October, 2023
Verified by Total Quote
Victor from New South WalesDaniel and his team at Advanced Solar took a personal approach to the whole process ensuring that the system was correct for us and the price was within our budget, his team of installers completed the installation exactly as designed, once I had my meter changed and the system was running, the savings on the bill were even better then we were expecting! Highly recommend solar and the team at Advanced Solar!
Saturday 30th September, 2023
Verified by Total Quote
Patrick & Angela from New South WalesVery professional! Attention to detail and quick turn around on getting our solar install complete! Would highly recommend it!
Friday 15th September, 2023
Verified by Total Quote
Lou & Caroline from New South WalesWell we finally did it ! Big thanks to Daniel and Courtenay and the team at Advanced Solar. Our Solar Panels are up and now connected. Can’t wait for the next bill
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